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Gaura longiflora


Large flowering Gaura Onagraceae:

Gaura longiflora can be an annual or a short lived perennial, it grows 3 to 6 feet tall. The herbage is hairy. The stems are more or less upright and much branched near the tops. The attractive and showy flowers are produced in long, slender spikes. The flowers are sessile, about 1 inch long; they have 4 sepals that are reddish in color. The 4 petals are up to 3/5 inch long, white in color and fading too pinkish as they mature. The long, clawed stamens add a fascinating feature to the flowering display, they protrude well past the petals. The plant habit and flowering nature make this plant best suited for a wild area or butterfly garden. The flowers are interesting but are not produced in sufficient amounts at any one time to put on a very showy display.

Gaura longiflora naturally grows in dry, rocky prairies, or on open disturbed areas, along roadsides, and on other open disturbed soils.

50 seeds