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Geranium 'Mixed Species and Hybrids'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Geranium 'Mixed Species and Hybrids''. Please check back later.

A wide ranging mix and a good way to start a collection of plants with showy flowers and a number with attractive foliage too. Includes many rarely offered selections. Most Geranium species produce few seeds and they are a challenge to collect, so they are rarely sold as seed, though there are many species that are attractive garden plants and should be offered - so they end up in this mix. We have increased the number of seeds per packet so that a good range of species and hybrids can be obtained. Some are not hardy in zones 4, and a few are not hardy in zone 5. Most seeds are large and easy to germinate and the plants are easy to take care.

Thinly cover seeds and use 70-75F days and 50-55F nights, Seal in a plastic bag to keep humidity up, Germination in 5-60 days. Might be helpful to soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours first. Grow seedling out on the cool side, 60F is good.

35 seeds