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Gaura lindheimeri 'Summer Breeze'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Gaura lindheimeri 'Summer Breeze''. Please check back later.

This selection of Gaura is more winter hardy and has a more upright and sturdy habit than other selections. The plants grow 50 inches (1.27 m) tall by the third year, and grow 24 to 30 inches (76.2 cm) tall the first year. Blooms the first year with an early sowing. The flowers are pure white with pink stamen filaments, before the flowers open they are enclosed in pink tinted buds. This selection produces plants that are heavy bloomers and the flowers are produced continuously throughout the summer. Gaura lindheimeri 'Summer Breeze' is a drought and heat tolerant perennial with a shrub-like look. The seeds are large and easy to handle and can be sown one at a time in deep pots, or in place of growth in the garden. Place in an area that has well drained, sandy soil in full sun to partial shade. Best effect when planted in groups of three or five plants, with each spaced about 1.5 feet apart. In the fall the plants can be cut down to just above the soil surface, some self seeding occurs but generally not a problem.

Zones 5-9

The seeds of Gaura lindheimeri begin to germinate in 5 to 10 days, with some germination spread-out over many weeks. Thinly cover seeds with soil medium and use 65 to 75F (23.9C).

25 seeds