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Heuchera americana 'Dale's Strain'


(hew-KER-a a-mer-i-CANE-a)

A nice seed strain with cream colored flowers on 24 inch tall stems above decorative silver marbled foliage, the leaves are a nice medium green color with a good amount of evenly distributed silver to purplish streaking. The leaves are round-heart shaped and are held up off the ground-seed produces a number of different forms but almost all have marbling and you will have a group of nice sized plants the first year. The resulting plants are quite uniform -making a nice ground cover in light shade. The foliage persists over the winter and takes on a nice reddish color. Seedling are small at first-so take care when watering the first few weeks, We start ours in a plastic bag under lights and have had very good success.

Zones (4)5-8

Surface sow, seed is very small, keep medium moist at all times but not wet. Use glass or plastic to cover trays or pots. Germination at F 65 in 1-6 weeks.  High soil temps can delay seed germination.

200 seeds