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Heuchera 'Newest Mixed Hybrids'


This seed produces a mix of plants with colorful leaves and/or showy flowers. Flower colors range from white to red with flowering stem reaching from 8 to 20 inches tall. The foliage colors range from solid green to bronze-red to silver striped and marbled to red. Stems are colorful too. Some of the leaves have very thick substance, and to me smell like green bananas. A very nice way to grow a range of different Coral bells, and some of the plants could even be worth naming. The color of the foliage develops as plants become larger, the first year some plants will not show color but the second year will show off their true nature. Use these plants in a sunny location that has some afternoon shade, in the south more shade is beneficial. Recommended.

Zones 4-9

Surface sow, seed is very small, keep medium moist at all times but not wet. Use glass or plastic to cover trays or pots. Germination at F 65, in 1-6 weeks. Germination is spread-out over many weeks -- Sow thinly so the older plants will not smoother out the later germinating seeds. Seedlings are slow to take off for the first few weeks; they start off as small flat clusters of leaves no larger than a pinhead. Once they are the size of a nickel they are fast growing. Some nice sized plants are produced in only four months. Keep the soil medium moist and once seedlings start to grow keep well feed with a weak fertilizer solution. I move them to pots once they are a few inches tall or they can be planted into the landscape.

200 seeds