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Saponaria ocymoides


Rock Soapwort (sap-oh-NAIR-ee-uh: ok-kye-MOY-deez) Caryophyllaceae:

This perennial grows about 8 inches tall and has a sprawling habit forming a nice carpet of semi-evergreen foliage. The small pink flowers are produced in good number in early summer. A nice rock garden, ground-cover, and filler between stepping stones. Showy blooms for a few weeks and attractive foliage the remaining of the year. Can self seed but excess plants are easy enough to remove. They do well in sun or light shade and cascade beautifully over rock edges or down a steep slope. In warmer areas plants may act as short-lived perennials fading away after three years.

Zones 3-7

Native to Spain, Corsica, Sardinia and Slovenia where it grows in mountains.

300 seeds