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Ligularia dentata 'Dark Beauty'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Ligularia dentata 'Dark Beauty''. Please check back later.

Golden Groundsel (lig-ew-LAH-ree-a den-TAH-ta)

Clump forming perennials with dark purplish colored, large rounded leaves with purple maroon colored undersides. In mid summer plants have daisy like yellow-gold flowers on thick spikes that rise just above the foliage, with leafy bracts. This species likes a moist, semi shady site, but takes more sun with more moisture in the soil. In hot direct sun-they will wilt, nothing worse looking than a plant with large showy leaves laying on the ground, they pick them selves up again in the evening. Grows 3-3.5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Blooms in July-Aug. Large showy plants, mix with Astilbe and those grasses and sedges that like some afternoon shade.

The species name means 'toothed' and they are native from China and Japan, hardy in zones 4-8, lower if in a location with cool soils. This seed should give you a few different color selections to choose from, keep the best and divide them as they become large, great looking plants when used in a mass planting along a pond edge. When grown well- they become very large, bold specimens that command attention when you have visitors in the garden. Takes about 5 weeks at 55- 60F, germination is erratic to 6 months or more so keep seed tray moist for one year. The seeds are large and plants grow fast. They have large roots that go deep into the ground and as they age become more tolerant of less than ideal conditions but its best to keep them out of the hot afternoon sun but give them plenty of light in the morning or bright dappled shade.

Zones 4-9

25 seeds