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Iris chrysographes


'Black Iris' or 'Goldvein Iris' (EYE-ris: kris-oh-GRAF-ees) Iridaceae:

These plants have mostly very dark colored flowers that vary from very dark velvety-purple to medium purple. The flowers often have golden-yellow veins and markings. Very different and showy in their own way. Stands out along a pond or pool and when in bloom will generate many comments. Plants should be grown in moist soils but do not need to be wet. Plants grow 15-24 inches tall and bloom in late spring. This species is related the the Siberian Iris but blooms later, and like them has upright growing tall strap-like foliage. Grows from short but thick, spreading rhizomes that form thick clumps that can be divided in late summer..

Zones 5-9

Native to China where it is found growing within forest margins, on hillsides, in meadows, and along stream sides. Soak seed in a glass of hot water for three days, changing the water with fresh hot water every 24 hours. Lightly cover seeds and keep moist at room temps for 3 weeks. Place in fridge for six weeks, then move to 65F. germination starts in one week and can last for many months. Takes two years of growth to become large enough to flower.

50 seeds