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Ipomoea x imperialis 'Mt Fuji Mix'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Ipomoea x imperialis 'Mt Fuji Mix''. Please check back later.

A mix of very attractive long flowering plants, the flowers ether pink, mauve, blue or red and each is banded by a wide white edging, giving the flowers a pinwheel look to them. Plants start blooming in 6-8 weeks after sowing-very large 'pinwheel' like flowers in a selection of colors including pink, different shades of red, different shades of blue, lavender. Outstanding and different selection. The foliage is splashed with silver, so for those that like variegated plants this is a bonus-but these vines are grown for the huge and very showy and unique flowers. The flowers are over 6 inches wide and the plants can grow to be 3 to 8 feet long. Blooms from mid summer to frost. I Like them climbing among low growing shrubs or mixed in the perennial border or trained up a trellis. Different and an attention getter.


Soak seeds for 24 hours in hot water, then lightly cover-plants are fast growing so plant out as soon as they reach 12 inches or so.

10 seeds