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Iris sibirica 'New Hybrids'

20 available for immediate delivery

Siberian Iris Iridaceae:

A good mix of colors from pure white to dark blue, including lilac and lavender this seed comes from some of the best of the modern varieties. A nice way to start a collection of this Iris which does very well in moist soils to normal garden soils. Blooms in June with good sized, showy flowers held above the foliage. The plants have attractive upright growing foliage that is thin and strap like. Grows 20 to 30 inches tall. Long lived, blooming the third year after germination. The seedlings have long grass-like leaves. For best growth grow in full sun and provide steady moisture, once established plants are drought tolerant. The plants form slowly spreading clumps that can be divided up every four or five years.

Zones 4-9

Iris sibirica seeds germinate best after being soaked in hot water for three days; change with fresh hot water every 24 hours during the soaking. Lightly cover seeds and keep moist at room temps for 3 weeks. Place in fridge for 8 weeks, then move to 65F. Germination starts in one week and can last for many months. Do not discard seed trays for two years.

50 seeds