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Kitaibelia vitifolia

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Kitaibelia vitifolia'. Please check back later.

Yugoslav Hibiscus or Cedar Cup Malvacaea:

Plants grow to a height of 6 to 8 feet (8 ft = 2.44 m) tall and are upright growing with good sized white to light pink flowers that remind one of hollyhocks. The petals are fringed and the centers of the flowers are made up of yellow stamens surrounding the style and showing between the five petals are the green sepals. The flowers are born from the leaf axis and are singly produced or sometimes in two's or three's. The leaves are large and palmate in shape with three to five sharp pointed lobes and have coarse toothed edges (They remind me some what of Grape leaves). Blooming in July and August. Best in deep soils that are moist but well drained and poor in nitrogen. Part sun to full sun (in shallow soils into much sun plants will wilt). This species is native from Yugoslavia. In some locations may be short lived (were soil is too rich) but mostly perennials were they will self seed if soil conditions are suitable for the small plants. Grows into large clumps with a deep large rootstock and is best for large gardens and parks or used as a dramatic large specimen.

Zones (3) 5-8

Sow and keep for 6 months at 39F (39 °F = 3.9C) (refrigerator) or winter out side, move to 65-75 F (75 °F = 23.9C) for germination. Will bloom the first year from an early sowing. Pricking the seeds with a sharp pin will cause germination in two to three weeks allowing one to forgo the cold period. Another way to start the seeds, is to place seal them up in a plastic baggy with some moist paper towel and keep in the fridge, check the seeds every week or so and sow those that germinate in the fridge. Germination starts in about 2 months and can be spread-out over 6 more months.

25 seeds