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Leontopodium alpinum

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A popular alpine plant with spreading rhizomes. The leaves are a bright silver-gray in color and have a woolly appearance with a thick mat of silver hairs. The flowers are surrounded by large attractive silver bracts that form a starfish shaped 'flower' with the small yellow tinted flowers enclosed in the middle. Leontopodium alpinum is native to the Alps of Europe. Best grown in poor soils that are enriched with lime. The surface of the soil should be covered with sand/small rocks. Easy from seed but plants can be short lived.

Zones 4-9

Surface sow the small seeds of Leontopodium alpinum on top of a moist seed starting medium and use 55 to 65F, if after three weeks there is no germination, move to 32 to 39F for four weeks, then move back to 65F (65 F = 18.3 C). Grow seedlings out on the cool side, between 50 to 65F (65 F = 18.3 C) is best.

100 seeds