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Lilium pyrenaicum

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Yellow Turk's-cap Lily or Pyrenean Lily (LIL-ee-um: py-ren-AY-kum) Liliaceae:

Easy to grow in full sun. Dense whorls of short leaves on stems growing 2 to 4 feet tall. The stems are topped off by small, thick, waxy, yellow, downward facing flowers with rust to black-speckled dots. The flowers are scented. Blooming in June. Worthy garden plant that is not so common. Grow in full sin to parts shade, the soils should be cool, so under hot conditions grow so the plants emerge from some cover that shades the soil.

Native from the Pyrenees in Spain and France.

Zones 3-8

The seed normally shows delayed germination and may need two cold periods.Start with 4 weeks at 35F, then 90 days warm (65F) and then move to 30-39F for 4-8 weeks, then move back to 65F for leaf emergence.

25 seeds