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Ligusticum scoticum

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Scotch Lovage  or  Scottish licorice-root  Apiaceae:

Clusters of white flowers over thick, scalloped leaves. This carrot relative Blooms July – September.  Ligusticum scoticum is best in moisture retentive soils that are not wet.  This plant is edible and has a flavour resembling parsley or celery.  Plants resemble a small form of Angelica.  Best in full sun to part shade,

Zones 3-8

Ligusticum scoticum seeds germinate very irregularly over a long period. Germination is best with lower temperatures, sow the seeds and thinly cover with soil medium and keep moist but not wet and keep around 35-40F. Seed trays should not be discarded prematurely. Constant moisture must be maintained because drying can kill the seeds, overly wet conditions can cause the seeds to rot.

30 seeds