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Lilium martagon 'Album'

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Martagon Lily or Common Turk's Cap Lily (lil-EE-um: mart-UH-gon) Liliaceae:

Lilium martagon does best in a humus enriched soil that is well draining and holds some moisture but is never wet. Takes a good amount of shade and can be grown in full sun too as long its not hot and dry in the spring. The tall stems grow 3 to 5 feet tall and have very fragrant, pure white flowers that are strongly reflexed. They have the classic Turk's-Cap type blossoms with 20-30 per stem in a cascading pyramidal shape. Easy to grow plants once established. They look nice coming up out a collection of Hosta or planted in drifts of three across the landscape. These seeds will produce plants with white flowers that especially stand out in the shade garden. Use in moist but well drained soils.

Zones 3-9

Delayed hypogeal germination. They will sprout their first true leaf only after a 3-month cold period. Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours then use 4 weeks at 65-74ºF. After use 12 weeks at 32- 39ºF, move to 45-55ºF for germination

30 seeds