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Macleaya cordata


[Bocconia cordata] Plum Poppy (mack-LAY-ya: kor-DAH-ta) Papaveraceae:

Tall plants 70 inches or more with large leaves that have white undersides. The top of the stems are covered with small cream colored flowers with many stamens. Large plants that spread and in some locations can be 'weedy' - both by self seeding and root fragments, but very attractive with large multi-lobed leaves that flutter in the wind showing-off their white powdery undersides. If contained or given plenty of space-these plants make showy and welcome additions to the yard next to a tall fence or in the back of the border or middle of a large island bed. Large specimen clumps for island beds or borders and center islands are attractive. Not suited for small mixed beds, the slowly spreading plants will in a few years take over the entire bed. Transplant out seedling carefully since they resent root disturbance, plants grow quickly after a few weeks of settling in after germination. The sap is yellow and like other members of the poppy family the sap can stain skin.

Zones 3-8

This species is native to China and Japan. Propagate from seed or root cuttings. Start seed in moist seed mix and use 75F, germination in 2 weeks but can be irregular and spread out over 4-6 weeks.

50 seeds