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Nepeta cataria ssp. citriodora


Lemon Scented Catnip    Lamiaceae:

Or around here 'That stinking Thing' The normal form of this species is a weed, and is grown because it drives cats wild. This form has lemon scented foliage and is worth while growing in a garden dedicated to scents. Plants grow 40-60 inches tall in sun or light shade. The off white flowers have a light purplish cast to them and sometimes have darker purple spots. Easy to raise, doing well in dry soils and light shade, or full sun. Will bloom the first year (5 to 7 weeks after germination), the new basal foliage in the fall is very scented.

Zones 3-9

Cover seeds, darkness needed for best germination. Use 70F, 10-20 days.

100 seeds