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Nicotiana rustica

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Aztec tobacco Solanaceae:

A very potent variety of tobacco, with a high concentration of nicotine in its leaves. Used for creating "organic" pesticides. The plants have large, broad leaves and yellow flowers. The species name means "wild."  Wild tobacco is an annual growing up to  5 feet tall. The good-sized Leaves are alternate, entire, ovate to lanceolate, and up to 12 inches wide near the base and slowly decreasing in width as they tapper to the ends.  Both the stem and leaves have soft, short hairs.  The Pale yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers are approximately 1 inch long and are produced in terminal panicles.  The flowers have an unpleasant scent.  Plants self-seed and the seeds are somewhat small and many are produced in each seed capsule.


Native to the southwestern United States, Mexico, and parts of South America and can be grown throughout the continental United States. Seeds can be started 10 weeks prior to last expected spring frost.  Surface sow the seeds of Nicotiana rustica on top of firmed soil medium.  Press seed onto the soil.  Keep soil moist and warm.  Germination starts within 20 days.  Transplant seedlings to individual pots when the second set of leaves appears and plant outside to at 18-inch spacings into rich, well-drained soil after any chance of frost. 

200 seeds