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Oenothera versicolor


(Also sold under the name 'Sunset Boulevard')

Oenothera versicolor is a short-lived perennial that will bloom the first year with an early spring sowing. Intense orange flowers that fad to a reddish color as they age. The good sized flower are produced on striking 16-26 inch tall plants, and the 2-inch wide flowers gradually fade to red. Long blooming plants with upright stems. Oenothera versicolor blooms in June and July. Grown as annuals further north, and sometimes it acts like a self-seeding annual.

Zones 7-9

Native from South America.

Surface sow the seeds of Oenothera versicolor, light needed for best germination, use F70 with germination starting in 10 to 30 days.

100 seeds