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Oenothera tetragona

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[Oenothera fruticosa ssp. glauca] Sundrops or Primrose or Narrowleaf Evening-Primrose (ee-no-THEE-ruh: tet-ra-GON-uh) Onagraceae:

Long lived perennials with bright sunny Golden-yellow flowers, red tinted flower buds. Blooms early summer. Very showy with 1.5inch (1.5 in = 3.81 cm) wide, bright - almost blinding yellow, cup shaped flowers. Plants are easy to grow and spread-out to form nice dense clumps in a few years, growing about 15 inches (15 in = 38.1 cm) tall. Does very well on sandy loam soils and can take many years of neglect in that out of the way location were you can not water but want some thing with a WOW factor display early in the year and long blooming. Plants spread-out a few inches each year in heavy soils and will spread-out more in porous soils. Best in full sun in well draining soils, Oenothera tetragona will grow in part shade but tends to be floppy then. Produces many flowers per stem, after flowering the stems can be cut off to tidy up the display and plants will then produce low growing rosettes of foliage, that each can be moved and will bloom the next year. Easy from seed, plants will bloom the second year. A good plant for the 'occasional' gardener that does not have a lot of time to tend to or fuss with their plants or landscape.

Zones (3)4-9

Native from eastern USA.

Surface sow the seeds, light needed for best germination,use F 70, germination in 10-30 days.

100+ seeds