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Oenothera fruticosa youngii


Sun Drops or Narrow-leaf Evening Primrose (ee-no-THEE-rah: frew-TIH-koh-suh)

Large, very bright yellow, poppy like flowers on 20 inch tall stems. Plants form a mat low growing foliage and in the fall the foliage turns bright red.. Easy to grow, doing well in most soil types. Oenothera fruticosa youngii blooms in late June, July and early August with some re-blooming into fall. Flowering stems reach a height of 12-18 inches and new stems form an attractive ground cover in late summer and fall. Plants do very well even in dry soils, but will wilt when in bloom if the soil is bone dry. The flower buds have a reddish color before the flowers open. A choice day-blooming species. The species name means 'Shrub like'. Over a few years the plants grow into a slowly spreading clump and the plants are easy to divide and transplant into new locations.

Zones 4-9

Surface sow the seeds, light needed for best germination, use 65 to 75F, germination in 10-30 days.

100 seeds