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Pedicularis semibarbata

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Pinewoods Lousewort

A low growing species, with yellow flowers nested down amongst the foliage. This species is a perennial with several stems that grow up to 20 centimeters (20 cm = 0'7-28/32") tall. The plants grow from deeply seated caudex, and most of the lengths of the stems are beneath the soil surface, giving the plant the appearance of a short stature. The lance-shaped leaves are up to 20 centimeters (20 cm = 0'7-28/32") long, fern-like being divided into many toothed or lobed segments. The stems and leaf stems are tinted reddish and the foliage is covered with short silvery hairs. It is a root-parasite found growing on the roots of conifers and lupines.

Native to California and Nevada, where it is found growing in open pine forests.

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