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Physostegia angustifolia

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Physostegia angustifolia'. Please check back later.

Narrow Leaved Obedient Plant (fy-so-STEEJ-ee-uh: an-gus-tee-FOH-lee-uh) Lamiaceae:

Plants have 2 foot long narrow spikes of lavender-pink colored flowers. The spikes are attractive and can be used as cut flowers in a vase too. Plants tolerates wet sites, but are intolerant of real dry ones; growing best in a rich moisture retentive soil in part shade to full sun, they will grow in shade but the stems tend to flop down under the weight of the flowers. Evergreen winter rosettes of low growing foliage give rise to flowers in summer and early fall. Plants spread by rhizomes and some-times by self seeding. The flowers are not as large as its better know relative but are still nice in a wildflower garden or planted along the margin of a woods with moist soils.

Zone (3)5 to 9

Native to the states of central USA. Sow at 55-65F for 3 weeks, if no germination move to 24-39F for 12 weeks, move to 65-74F for germination.

100 seeds