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Phacelia sericea


Silky Phacelia or Purplefringe Hydrophyllaceae:

An attractive rock garden subject with intense blue flowers that have have long stamens. The flowers are in dense club-like "spikes" on stems that grow about 9 inches (9 in = 22.9 cm) tall. The pinnately incised foliage is covered with grey silky hairs and grows about 4 inches (4 in = 10.2 cm) tall. Where happy, this species will form a dense, low growing mat of foliage and produce multiple flowering stems in early summer. This alpine species does best in full sun in locations that are not extremely warm in summer, to keep them cool plant on north facing slopes or provide some moderate shade in the afternoon. The soils should be well-drained and gritty with some larger stones. Plants can be biennial or perennial, blooming the second year.

50 seeds