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Penstemon tenuis

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Brazos Penstemon or Sharpsepal Beardtongue or Gulf Coast Penstemon (PEN-stem-on: TEN-yoo-iss) Scrophulariaceae:

This penstemon has pink-lavender to purple colored flowers produced in late spring. It grows 1 to 2 feet tall and spread-out to cover maybe a 2 feet wide area. Cutting back the spent blooms just after blooming can promote a second flowering. The attractive leaves are sharply but shallowly toothed. This species grows best in soils that are moist (not wet), once established it is drought tolerant. Can bloom the first year with an early start.

Zones 7-9

Native to Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas where it is found on poorly drained, loamy soils or low prairies and marshes. Start seeds by surface sowing them onto a already moist, good draining seed medium and keep use daily cycle of warm and cool temps: 35-45F nights, and 65-74F days, Germination is spread out over many weeks. If no results in 6 weeks move to 32-39F for 40 to 90 days Or sow in the fall and keep out side for germination in the spring and summer.

300 seeds