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Salvia nemorosa


(SAL-vee-a: ne-MO-ro-sa)

A cold winter hardy species with spikes of violet-blue flowers in mid summer. Plants reach 20 to 28 inches in height over low growing basal foliage composed of rugose(wrinkled) leaves. The flowering stems are branched and have no to few leaves, they produce somewhat dense spikes of flowers that have a tendency to lean a little. The species name means something like 'From the Woods' and the species is native from Europe. Not long living in hot soils or under very humid conditions, but an attractive addition to a sunny border. The plants are scented with a pungent but pleasant odor. The folaige is low growing and deadheading will produce an extended blooming season. Blooms the first year from a early spring sowing. Can self seed some on open ground. Looks best used in large clumps or planted in long lines along a border or walkway.

Zones 3-9

Surface sow the seeds, with germination in a few days at 65F. Seedlings have a good growth rate and can planted out in a few weeks. When not blooming, cut off old flowering stems and the plants are neat, low growing mats of foliage.

100 seeds