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Scutellaria altissima

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Plants grow 24-28 inches tall with light blue to violet flowers with white lower lips. Plants have a bushy habit with upright stems and many small flowers. When done blooming the flowers fall off leaving behind cups that hold the seeds ( this is were the name 'Skullcap' comes from) This species is not as temperamental about growing conditions as the rock garden types, it still is best on well draining soils in part shade to full sun. Plants grow nicely on slopes. Mixes well with Nepeta and Phlomis. Not overly showy in bloom from a distance, with small flowers but the clumps are shaped well and attractive with deeply veined dark leaves. Up close the flowers have 'personality'. Blooms late spring into mid summer.

Zones 5-10

Native from central to southern Europe. Were it is found growing in open woods and meadows along hill sides. Found growing in infertile soils. Sow at 65�F, if no Germination in four weeks, move to the fridge for 9 weeks, then back to 65F. Germination is spread out over many weeks

100 seeds