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Acinos alpinus

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Acinos alpinus'. Please check back later.

[Calamintha alpina] [Clinopodium alpinum] Calamint or Alpine Basil Thyme or Alpine Calamint or Alpine Catmint or 'Rock Thyme'(a-KEE-nos: al-PEEN-us)

Spikes of red-violet 1 inch long flowers on top of 4-6 inch tall plants. The flowers have white markings within the lower lips. These cushion forming plants are useful in a rock garden. Blooming from June through August. Best grown in full sun in gravely humus-clay soils that are well draining. This species does not like damp soils. Works well with other alpine plants that like dry sunny locations (some Dianthus and Gypsophila repens). Avoid winter wetness, Plants are not long lived but easy to raise from seeds and division.  Alpine or rock garden perennial for full sun and is Drought tolerant.  Formes a small evergreen matt it milder areas. 

Zones 4-9

Acinos alpinus is native to the mountains of Spain, Alps, Balkans, Asia Minor and Northern Africa. Lightly cover the seeds with soil medium and use 3-4 weeks at 68-75F; if no germination, move for 4-6 weeks to 24 to 39F, then move back to 68F.  The seeds are on the small side . 

100 seeds