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Agrostemma githago 'Purple Queen'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Agrostemma githago 'Purple Queen''. Please check back later.

'Rose Champion' or 'Corn Cockle'(ag-RO-stem-a: gi-THAH-go) CARYOPHYLLACEAE.

Plants have two inch wide rose-purple or purple-red. flowers on tall wiry stems that are lax in habit. The flowers are produced over grey-white wholly foliage. Mixes well with clumps of ornamental grasses that can give the stems some support. Blooming from July to September. Cut flower or border plants. Toxic if eaten- so don't eat the plants or the seeds. This is a self seeding annual that likes dry-chalky soils.

The species is native from around the Mediterranean Ocean into Turkey and at one time was a common and difficult 'weed' in Farmers fields, but now it is very rarely found growing in the wild (fields). The genus name means something to the effect of 'Garland of the field' For best reseeding leave the ground open and bare in the fall and early spring.

50 seeds