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Achillea millefolium 'Summer Pastels'

70 available for immediate delivery

When grow in lien soils they reach a height of 2 feet. They produce very showy broad clusters or heads of flowers in apricot, cream, lavender, pink, purple, rose and white. The colors tend to be more on muted side and make nice addition to the summer garden if you need less than hard -- harsh colors. Plants will self seed were there is open ground and are long lived as long as you avoid a lot of fertilizer. They do well in dry soils, doing best in full sun but will grow in some light shade but they will be tall and lax. Rich soils produce taller plants that tend to flop. Plants grow fast and form a nice large clump the second year. Blooms late June-August. Long lived perennials that can be divided every few years, so keep the colors you like best and discard any that you do not prefer. Cut back heavkly after flowering, some reblooming occurs but this tidy ups the planting and the fresh new foliage is attractive. Does not like long hot muggy summers

Zones 3-9

Surface sow the seeds, germination in 7-15 days at F 70.

100 seeds