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Sagina subulata

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Pearlwort or Scotch Moss (sa-JI-nuh: sub-yoo-LAH-tuh) Caryophyllaceae:

Moss-like plants that form a tight mound of soft foliage. The Low growing, mat-forming plants with small white flowers bloom in spring or summer. This species works as a ground cover, growing around one inch tall. Used between paving stones and walkway cracks. Good foliage texture. Space plants 6 to10 inches apart. Plants are used as ground cover around stepping-stones, in rockeries and in large pots. Grow in sun in cool, moisture retentive soils, plants have shallow root systems and are intolerant of dry or very wet locations. Many in warmer locations have the best results in light to moderate shade in moist soil, plants tend to rot under hot, humid conditions.

Zones 4-10

The seeds are very fine and care should be taken when sowing them. The soil should be level and moist before sowing, after sowing the area should be gently tamped down to ensure good soil and seed contact. It is best to water from below until plants are established. If sowing outside, heavy rains and large water droplets from sprinklers can kill the germination seeds and developing seedlings.

300+ seeds