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Achillea sibirica v. camtschatica 'Love Parade'

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Siberian Yarrow

Achillea sibirica is a different type of yarrow with soft pink colored flowers. The flower heads are somewhat like A. ptarmica in shape. Dark green, thick shinny, leaves are toothed and attractive too. Will bloom the same year sown. Plants have thick stems and firm leaves with a some what glossy sheen to them.  Blooms in summer. Worthy of a place in the garden. In rich soils it will need staking.  Plants form a slowly spreading clumps but not invasively. Dig in the spring or late summer to divide up clumps.  Makes a nice cut flower. Grow in full sun in soils that are in the dry side and drain well. The seeds are larger than other Yarrows and easer to sow more evenly.

Zones 4-9

The species is native to Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, and this is an improved selection of the species.

Surface sow the seeds on top of a well draining but moist soil medium, germination in 7-15 days at F 70.  Give seedlings plenty of light.

100 seeds