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Semiaquilegia ecalcarata

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[Aquilegia ecalcarata is the correct name]

An Attractive species with hanging dark purple to wine colored, cup shaped flowers over columbine looking leaves. Plants grow from 9 to 16 inches tall, blooming in late spring. Bushy small plants from a single stem give rise to blueish-green tinted, fan shaped leaves. The plants and the seeds look like Aquilegia - which is the correct genus for this species, but the flowers have no spurs, making it the only species of Columbine that naturally has no spurs. The stems are often tinted purplish too. Best in a sunny location with some afternoon shade or under open dappled shade, in good draining soil but not overly dry. Plants bloom the second year if started in spring and for us here in zone 4, live about 5 years.

Zones 4-9

Native to central China and Tibet were it is found growing in open forest and on scrub slopes. For seed germination surface sow seeds, light needed for best results. Start 3 or 4 weeks at 50-60F. Transplant out any seedlings. If no germination move for 4 weeks to 30-39F, then 65F. Germination is spread out over many weeks.

50 seeds