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Sedum spurium 'Summer Snow'

Creeping stonecrop or  Two-row stonecrop

White flowering cultavar of this species blooming midsummer. The flowers are clustered together at the tops of upright stems that grow around 6 inches tall.  Space 4 to 6 inches apart; good drought tolerance.  Succulent perennial herbs with fleshy, flat or rounded leaves that are evergreen in milder climates.  The leaves are arranged in two columns along the lenght of the stem and are deciduous towards the stem base and evergreen near the tips.  The flowers are somewhat star shaped with 4-5 points. Best when grown in full sun or in sunny areas with either morning or afternoon shade,  in well-drained sandy or gravelly soil.  Use as a groundcover, in the border as a low growing carpet or as a rock garden subject. Works well in containers. Evergreen except in coldest areas of the country.

Zones (4)5-9

Surface sow the seeds and use 65-75F with germination in 7 to 21 days. Seedlings start off small so water carefully, once they start to grow they will grow into nice sized plants in a few weeks. The seeds are small so when sowing be careful to spread the seeds out over  the soil mediums surface and not to have all the seeds plop down in one area. What works for use is to the cut the seed packet open and pour the seeds into the palm of your hand and gently tilt and wave ones hand as the seeds fall out. 

100 + seeds