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Silphium laciniatum

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Compass Flower or Compass Plant or Rosinweed Asteraceae:

A North American native perennial growing from 6 to 12 feet tall. The stems have conspicuous white hairs and have some branching near their tops. The broadly lanceolate basal leaves are 12 to 24 inches long and about 6 to 10 inches wide and deeply lobed or pinnatifid. The leaves become smaller the further up the stem they are produced. This species has yellow composite flowers that are 3 to 4 inches wide, looking much like wild sunflowers in overall size, shape, and structure. The long-lived plants start to bloom mid-summer and flowering lasts for about 6 weeks. This species has a large central taproot, that may go as deep as 15 feet into the ground. Grow in full sun with moist to slightly dry soils. The common name comes from the belief that the leaves orientate them selves in a north-south direction, is not always correct though.

50 seeds