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Spergularia rubra


Red Sandspurry Caryophyllaceae:

An annual or short-lived perennial herb, with a delicate appearance. This species has small pinkish-lavender flowers. Nice rock garden subject. Plants grow 2 to 6 inches tall with longer prostrate stems, best in full sun in dry to sandy moist soils, salt tolerant. Blooms from late spring to fall, can be short lived and self seeding. Suited for beach plantings.

Zones 5-8

Surface sow the seeds and use 65-76F with germination in 10 to 25 days. Seeds are small so be careful sowing.

Native to Europe and Eurasia and introduced to other parts of the world were it is found growing in open forests, gravelly glades, meadows, mud flats and other sparsely vegetated disturbed areas.

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