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Silene zawadskii

Zawadski's Catchfly  (sy-LEE-nee : zuh-WAD-zkee-eye) Caryophyllaceae:

White flowers with large red striped bladders produced over rosettes of wide, shiny leaves, grows 7-9 inches tall. Give this plant some light shade in a soil that is moisture retentive but not wet.
Has low growing, wide glossy leaves. Plants produce  stems that hold the flowers well about the attractive leaves.  Silene zawadskii grows into a good sized mat with many flowers over a long period in mid summer. Rock garden or front of the border subject, looks really nice planted in groups of five plants each about 8 inches apart.

An excellent plant for the rock garden or front of the border as a specimen or planted in mass.
Zones 5-8

Native to the Carpathian Mountains, where it is found growing in stony calcareous soils.

100 seeds