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Thalictrum aquilegiifolium 'Mixed Colors'


Thalictrum aquilegifolium is a nice plant for it's tall upright stems which are from three to four and half feet tall. The stems are topped off with clouds of flowers in pink, white, rose and light lavender. Attractive columbine like foliage has a blue-green tint. Easy to grow in light shade where plants prefer moisture retentive soils but have done well for me even in dry, shady locations. But best displays in sun on good soils. Great for cutting and the foliage has a very attractive appearance, looking good as cut material too. Best grown in full sun in moist soils or in part shade. Most plants will have pink to lavender or white colored flowers. An upright, long lived species that blooms late spring and early summer. After a few years plants can grow into good sized clumps but are non-spreading. Can self sow, especially on moister retentive soils. Will bloom the second year after sowing, or if grown dry the third year. Attractive to butterflies and once established drought tolerant. Can be divide every few years, by just digging out the clumps and pulling them apart. Do this in early spring or in late summer.

Zones 4-9

Lightly cover seeds and use 65F, if no germination in four weeks move to the fridge for four weeks. I sow them in the spring and the seeds germinate over the summer at an erratic rate. For more uniform germination sow in the fall and keep outside for germination in the spring. Seedlings grow fast once they have some size to them and grow well in pots. They tend to be somewhat lax the first year.

50 seeds