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Trollius x cultorum 'New Hybrids Mixed'

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Trollius x cultorum 'New Hybrids Mixed''. Please check back later.

'Globe Flower' (TRO-lee-us: kul-tOR-um) RANUNCULACEAE:

Plants flower at 18 inches with attractive round (hence the name globe) lemon-yellow to light yellow and gold flowers,could also be a few white to cream colored flowers too. An attractive and easy to grow plant that likes moist but not overly wet soils in full sun or light shade. They do well even in heavy moist soils. I find the foliage is attractive for weeks before flowering.

Zones 3-6.

Frost germinator. Sow in a plastic bag with 0ne table spoon of moist seed mix and store at room temp for 28 days. Move to a cold refrigerator or use 19-21F for 5 to 7 weeks, sow into a pot and use 50F for germination . Or sow and keep in a sheltered spot outside for germination next year. You will not get a lot of plants per packet (10-20). Best if sown and put outside in the fall and over wintered in a shelterd location for germination in the spring. Or start in the house and 8 weeks before the ground thaws move out side for the cold period.

50 seeds