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Tiarella wherryi

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Tiarella wherryi'. Please check back later.

'Foam Flower' (tee-a-REL-la: WE-ree-ee) SAXIFRAGACEAE.

This form produces a lot of white to very soft pink, softly fragrant flowers. Starts flowering in early/mid spring and in fall. Shade garden or woodland settings. Nice compact clumps are slow growing and none spreading (no stolons). For moist shade or light sun. I like to mix these plants in with small Hosta or use them as an edging or mixed in with medium sized rocks. I have had a good number of plants that re-blooms nicely late in the year and after wards have very colorful winter, semi-evergreen foliage. Surface sow seeds onto moist seed mix and put in fridge for 2 weeks, move to F 65. Germination from 14-30 days.

Zones 4-9. Native from eastern USA.

50 seeds.