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Verbena bonariensis


Brazilian Verbena also sold under the name 'Buenos Aires' (ver-BEEN-a:bo-NAH-ree-en-sis)

A tender perennial best grown as an annual. Plants have bright lilac-violet flowers with strong stems with the flowers grouped together into terminal clusters. Blooms well the first year. Showy plants best used in a mass effect. Growing best in poor soils, otherwise plants will be very tall (up to 4.5 feet). Self sows where open ground is available in the spring. This rapid-growing, clump-forming tender perennial has a distinctive look and puts on a showy display in the border. The best display of these long blooming plants occurs when they are used in groups in a sunny location with moist but well draining soils.

Zones 7-9 as a perennial or Zones 3-10 as an annual.

Native to South America

Cover seeds with moist seed mix and place in the refrigerator for 20 days, then use 70 F, germination starts in 10-18 days. Darkness needed for best germination.

100 seeds