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Veronica incana 'Silbersee'


Silver Speedwell or Woolly Speedwell SCROPHULARIACEAE:

Very attractive silver-gray colored foliage with deep-violet/blue flowers. Plants grow one foot tall when in flower in mid summer with clumps of many stems about the same width. The foliage grows about six inches tall with six-inch tall spikes of flowers blooming from mid June into late July. Veronica incana 'Silbersee' puts on a showy display in the garden when in bloom and also when not flowerin. Grow in well-drained soils that are moisture retentive, the location should have full sun to morning shade. Soils should be on the rich side with a sandy organic soil working the best. Plants will flower the second year but the first year the plants form into a nice attractive clump. Avoid extended periods of hot muggy weather, after plants are done blooming cut off spent flower spikes to tidy up the plants display.

Zones (3)-4 to 7-(9)

The species is native to northern Asia including Russia. Germination in less than two weeks at 68ºF. Surface sow seeds, light needed for best results.

100 seeds