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Veronica repens

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Veronica repens'. Please check back later.

'Creeping Blue Speedwell' (veh-RON-ih-kuh: REE-penz)

The shortest species offered here with plants only growing an inch or two tall and producing soft lilac, bluish-white flowers. Full sun to light shade in well-drained soils but moisture retentive. They will not do well in hot, dry soils. The leaves are small and a dark green color with a shiny gloss. In late spring or early summer, the small star-shaped flowers are produced on short spikes that almost cover up the foliage. Nice plants used in the Alpine house and Rock Garden or as a groundcover. The seeds are small and direct sowing can be a challenge if the area is not weed free and watered regularly with a sprinkler that has fine sized water droplets.Veronica repens is a nice addition mixed in amongst a rock path.

Zones 2-9

Germination 1-4 weeks at F 60. Surface sow, light helps with germination. If no germination in 4 weeks put in the fridge (30-38F) for 3 weeks.

100 seeds


Best to sow seeds in trays and transplant out plants when large enough to handle. If you are going to direct sow the seeds, the ground should be weed free and level and gently watered a few times each day until the seeds have germinated and the seedlings have established them selves.

When direct sowing:

Be careful that weeds do not spring up and smoother out the seedlings.

Do not let the ground become overly dry. The soil does not need to be wet but moist, best to water often and not heavily.

Avoid heavy rains or watering, this will wash away the seeds and seedlings before they become established.

Before direct sowing, clean off all weeds and turn over the soil and level and rake well. Mix seeds with fine sand or sugar so that the seeds can be spread more evenly over the area.

Water the ground first then spread the seeds.