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Veronicastrum virginicum


Culver's Root

In the wild these plants produce single stems but under cultivation in garden conditions they have many stems per clump, growing 4 to 6 feet tall. Plants grow a width of 18-24 inches. Use in full sun to light shade, stems may be a bit lax but plants are like a giant form of Veronica with more or less upright stems and interesting whorled leaves that form around the stems. Blooms from mid summer to early fall. Deep rooted so once established, they are best left alone, long lived. Nice plants for the garden or wild flower display along a woodland edge.

Zones 3-8

Surface sow, light needed for best germination. Use F 70, germination in 2-4 weeks and is spread out over many weeks. If after 4 weeks no results, chill for 3 weeks at 34-39F.

100 seeds