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Linaria alpina

Alpine Toadflax  (lin-AR-ee-uh AL-pin-a) Plantaginaceae:

A low growing species with purple-blue colored flowers with yellow gold centers. Linaria alpina grows 5 to 9 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Plants are long blooming. Like other Linaria sp. best in full sun in well-draining soils and also grows well on rocky soils. A sprawling or scrambling alpine plant with small snapdragon-like violet-purple flowers that have a distinctive contrasting golden-orange lip. Blooms for many many weeks during the summer. Plants have a deep root and resent transplanting once established. Tend to be a self-seeding biennial or short-lived perennial, the self seeding is not done in a troubling fashion. Bests used in a sunny location with sandy to gravel soil or in an alpine scree. Also useful for edging in the perennial border. Needs good drainage in winter to live its longest. Does not like it hot and humid. The seeds are large enough for generally easy sowing. A small species with relatively large flowers that are attractive in a pile of rocks or cascading down a wall or on a slope.

Zones 3-8

Native to the mountains of central and southern Europe. Surface sow the seeds and use 4 weeks at  68F; if no germination move for 2-4 weeks to 30-39F, then move back to 68F.

50 seeds