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Dianthus nitidus

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(dy-AN-thus: NI-ti-dus) Caryophyllaceae: Scientific Name: Dianthus nitidus Waldst. & Kit.

An easy species to grow that is like D. alpinus with upright stems. Dianthus nitidus has flowers held slightly above the bright green leaves. The flowers are a pink color with red veins and are fragrant. Grows 5 to 9 inches tall.  Blooms late spring - summer.

The species is divided into two subspecies: Dianthus nitidus ssp. nitidus which is the one offered here, is endemic to the Western Carpathians, and its occurrence is limited to the territory of Slovakia. The other subspecies is Dianthus nitidus ssp. lakusicii and it is found in Montenegro and Serbia where it is very rare.

Zones (4)5-8

Native to Poland where it is extinct, Slovakia where it is listed Near Threatened:  Dianthus nitidus is found in Alpine and subalpine calcareous grasslands.

50 seeds