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Pedicularis groenlandica


Elephant Head or Long Beaked Pedicularis Scrophulariaceae:

Perennial with hairless, upright, simple stems and erect upright leaves. The flowers are collected together in club like clusters, somewhat resembling a Liatris. The soft to dark purple-pink flowers are shaped like elephant heads, with a long trunk-like forward facing spur. In the spring the fern-like foliage is tinted red, later when the plants bloom reddish tinted stems are produced. As summer comes the plants become green, they bloom for many weeks. In the fall even the dried seed heads continue to show the elephant's trunk. Blooms early and midsummer. Grow in full sun on moisture retentive soils, they are a partial root parasite and grow best mixed with grasses and other plants.

Zones 3-8

North American native found from Labrador Greenland and Hudson Bay to the Northwest Territory and British Columbia south in the Rocky Mountains to New Mexico and in the Sierra Nevada to California.

100 seeds