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Helianthus grosseserratus


Sawtooth Sunflower or Thick-tooth SunflowerAsteraceae:

This is a large perennial sunflower with large flowering heads. The plants may reach grow 3 to 12 feet (12 ft = 3.66 m) tall. They have simple, lanceolate shaped leaves, which have sharply toothed margins. The leaves are 4 to 12 inches (12 in = 30.1 cm) longer and 1 to 4 inches (4 in = 10.2 cm) wide, with pointed tips. The flowering heads are 3 to 4 inches (4 in = 10.2 cm) wide, producing golden-yellow disk rays, and they bloom in summer and fall.

Zones 4-7

Native to the eastern parts of Canada and the USA. Where it is found growing along streams, damp prairies and roadsides in full sun on moist, fertile loamy soils that have high organic content.

100 seeds