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Campanula zoysii 002

Picture of Campanula zoysii by Johan N Creative Commons License

Campanula zoysii

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Crimped Bellflower or Zoi's Bellflower (kam-PAN-yoo-luh: ZOY-see-eye) Campanulaceae:

Campanula zoysii is a lime loving species of bellflower that only grows 3 to 8 inches tall. The light blue flowers are bell shaped, but the mouth of the flowers narrow into a star shaped neck, instead of being open like other campanulas. The foliage is very low growing and forms a slowly expanding cushion. The leaves are toothed or entire, ovate in shape, and mid-green in color. Not the easiest bell flower to grow but very rewarding when grown well. Flowers in late spring and early summer. Grow in full sun in limestone based soils that have sharp drainage. A lime stone wall would replicate its native habit best.

Zones 4-8

Native to the Alps.

100 seeds