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Abutilon vitifolium

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[Corynabutilon vitifolium] Indian-mallow or Flowering Maple or Flowering Maple (a-BEW-tih-lon: vy-tee-FOL-ee-um) Malvaceae:

The Royal Horticultural Society has given this species the Award of Garden Merit (AGM). Grown mostly as an annual shrub. Plant can grow up to 8 feet tall but normally 4 to 6 feet. Abutilon vitifolium has many good sized, 3 inch wide, cup shaped flowers of a lavender color but a few plants will have white flowers. The leaves are dark green in color with deeply cut edges like a maple leaf, and covered in velvety hairs. Easy to grow with a long blooming period, start off early in deep pots and transplant out after danger of frost is done or sow in late spring outside in place of desired growth. Can be grown in a bright cool green house as a pot plant. Long blooming period.

Zones 9-11 as a perennial.

Native to Chile.

Poke seeds with a sharp pin and soak in warm water for 24 hours, sow with germination in 5 to 15 days.

50 seeds